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7_layers_of_sin [userpic]
by 7_layers_of_sin (7_layers_of_sin)
at April 4th, 2007 (01:59 pm)

Title: You Can Ring My Bell
Author: 7_layers_of_sin
Rating: R
Summary: Practical jokes really aren't that nice ...or are they?
Disclaimer: Really, I don't mean it.
A/N: Remember poor Derek from "The Graham Norton Show"? Yeah.

We're All Gonna Burn

Savvy [userpic]
All for the want of a cookie bar...
by Savvy (sadbhyl)
at March 27th, 2007 (08:35 pm)

Title Friendly Advice
Author Sadbhyl
Summary David tries to give John some advice. Sometimes it’s hard to get through to him…
Rating NC17
Disclaimer No lifts or elevators were violated in the writing of this story. Any injured copyrights were unintentional. Well, I guess with RPF, there really *isn't* any copyright...
Notes mydeira and scarlettgirl keep calling this Fic Zero. It’s not my fault I wrote short and quick…

“All I’m saying,” David said as he followed John into the elevator, “is that you might want to be a bit more discreet with what you do with that thing.”

“What?” John pushed the button for his floor, glancing up before turning his lightning smile on David. “Eve thinks it’s funny.”Collapse )

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