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Savvy [userpic]
All for the want of a cookie bar...
by Savvy (sadbhyl)
at March 27th, 2007 (08:35 pm)

Title Friendly Advice
Author Sadbhyl
Summary David tries to give John some advice. Sometimes it’s hard to get through to him…
Rating NC17
Disclaimer No lifts or elevators were violated in the writing of this story. Any injured copyrights were unintentional. Well, I guess with RPF, there really *isn't* any copyright...
Notes mydeira and scarlettgirl keep calling this Fic Zero. It’s not my fault I wrote short and quick…

“All I’m saying,” David said as he followed John into the elevator, “is that you might want to be a bit more discreet with what you do with that thing.”

“What?” John pushed the button for his floor, glancing up before turning his lightning smile on David. “Eve thinks it’s funny.”

“Eve is your friend, John. She’s not going to tell you it makes her uncomfortable.”

“It doesn’t.”

“It does. There isn’t a woman in this world, no matter how comfortable or worldly, who is comfortable with a man flashing his willy in her face.”

“She knows I don’t mean anything by it.”

“Which is the only reason she and Naoko haven’t slapped you with a harassment suit by now. One of these days you’re going to do it to the wrong person.”

“Nothing will happen.”

“Think so?” David stepped forward and pushed the Stop button, then moved closer to John as the lift jerked to a halt. “One of these days, you’re going to give someone the wrong impression, fannying that thing about. They’re going to get you in a compromising position and try to take advantage of what they think you’re offering,” his hand came to rest on the front of John’s trousers, sliding down to cup the bulge growing there, “and then you aren’t going to know what to do, are you?”

John froze, heart pounding at the unexpected attack, eyes locked with David’s, dark to light, neither flinching as David’s hand began to gently rock. Licking his lips, John finally said in a cracked, distracted voice, “You think so?”

“I know so.” David seemed almost unaware of his actions. “You practically had Sophia in hysterics the other day.”

“Really?” His eyes drifted shut.

“Really.” David leaned closer to John’s ear. “If nothing else, it’s not fair. You know all the ladies want you. Teasing them with what they can never have is just beneath you.”

“Beneath me.”

“You’ve got more class than that. You should show it.”



“I get your point. I think…you can stop now.”

“I could.” But he didn’t.

Emboldened, John reached out to mimic David’s actions, not surprised to find David as hard as he was. “How far are we going to go with this?”

Never breaking the connection with John’s eyes, David deftly undid the buttons on John’s pants and slid inside, forcing a moan of pleasure from both of them when skin met skin. Eagerly John did the same until the two of them were chest to shoulder, slacks down around their hips as they jerked each other off.

John came first, hard and shuddering, one hand gripping David’s shoulder for balance. A moment later David drew a hoarse breath and came as well. They stood like that for long moments after, just balanced on each other, savoring the pleasure of the unexpected release. Then David stepped back, tucking himself away. “I’m just saying you have a reputation to look out for. Don’t want people thinking you’re easy.”

John grinned, closing up his own pants. “No, not easy.”

David’s smile was electric.


Posted by: karaokegal (karaokegal)
Posted at: August 5th, 2007 01:40 am (UTC)

Whew! New to this community. Seriously hot stuff, but has the RPS gift of sounding real.

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