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Mydeira [userpic]
Every story has a beginning.
by Mydeira (mydeira)
at March 27th, 2007 (08:27 pm)

It’s hard to pin-point the exact moment this fascination began. I think it started way back when it was announced that John Barrowman would be returning to Doctor Who at some point. The mere thought of having John on Who with David Tennent, both men who are pretty much God’s gift to fandom swoonage, was enough to lead to, well, swoonage. The thought of that much pretty on one screen just...yeah, swoonage. Or supernova combustion. Something like that.

Flash forward several months. Several months where either sadbhyl, scarlettgirl or myself mentions the imminent return of Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and how utterly crazy the set has to be with John and David both running around. Then, the pictures began to appear from filming. Sly looks and wicked grins and odd little moments that fed into our musings on what things are like when those two get together. But we hadn't reached RPS. Yet.

There was much "what if"ing and "oh, man, what about...but I’m NOT going there" leading up to Scarlett trading Seven-Layer Bars (the bars that birthed insanity) for John/David RPS. Well, the bars were received and plotting was done but no actual fic was written.

Cue the Weekend From Hell where nothing went right for poor Scarlett. So, being the good, loving friends that we are, Savvy and I popped our respective RPS cherries to cheer her up. It didn’t hurt matters that Scarlett had tossed out these lovely images of the boys in kilts doing naughty things. And that was that. A quick one off to cheer up a friend and that’s it.


Naturally, mine had to go and get something of a plot and spawned a sequel and then some. Then came the John in the rumpled pink shirt pic that inspired Scarlett to join in the fun. From there it spiraled quickly out of control giving birth to more fics and this comm with the gorgeous banner created by Savvy.

And that’s how we came to be where we are today.

So, what can you expect to find here? Fic and pretty, to put it simply. This is fiction, although based on real persons. The community info gives a great rundown of our MO, but the gist is this: this is purely for entertainment purposes and fun. No flaming will be tolerated. That aside, we’re a pretty laid back bunch. If this sounds like it’s up your alley and you’re at least 18 yeas of age, come on in and join the fun.

*rubs hands together* Savvy, that’s your cue.

Stay tuned, folks!

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